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Still Using ACCPAC Plus for DOS?

You made a good decision when you first purchased ACCPAC Plus, but now support on this venerable DOS product is getting harder to find. Additionally, ACCPAC Plus is now more expensive to maintain than its modern-day equivalents.Easy move from ACCPAC DOS to Adagio.

Are any of these problems familiar?

  • Tried to get a modern, USB cabled printer to work?
  • Tried to get your accounting system to display properly under Windows XP? Vista??
  • Tried to import or export information to Excel?
  • Wondered which GL account an invoice was expensed to?
  • Re-keyed your financial statement into Excel to improve its presentation?
  • Tried to send an announcement letter to all your customers and/or vendors?
  • Wondered whether you could save money by e-mailing customer order confirmations, invoices or statements?

If you've experienced any of these, plus a host of others too many to list, it is time to look at Adagio Accounting, by Softrak Systems. Because Adagio shares a common heritage with ACCPAC Plus, there is no data conversion required when moving to Adagio. In fact, the procedures are so similar between Adagio and ACCPAC Plus that no training is required for the move, just a simple orientation. If you use ACCPAC Plus, you’ll appreciate that a mouse is not required for any data entry in Adagio; in fact, you should ask us for your free copy of the "Adagio unMouse Pad" which shows the keyboard shortcuts to use to speed data entry.

Consider Adagio, the only full, 32-bit Windows accounting system that uses your ACCPAC Plus data with little or no conversion.

Contact Micro Logic by email, or call 416-236-9833 today for a free demonstration of Adagio, or to attend a free Executive Briefing on Friday June 6th.


Adagio is the natural choice for ACCPAC Plus users.